1 Year, 15 Designers, 225 Posts


12. 11. 2016 – My little blog is a year old! Hip hip hooray! I started rorasprettythings after a lot of thought and research, maybe too much as it had taken me a year to begin. A lot has happened in that time, I have blogged for some of the best designers in SL and met so many fantastic people… Some of who helped me and became my friends, some who wanted my help. My pictures have improved soooo much also, which was so important to me, as it was my main reason for blogging. Practice makes perfect ❤

Of course I have had some sad times too, when I had to part with some stores & events. But that is a part of blogging.  As every fashion blogger knows.

Thank you to all the designers who have chosen me in the past year, and the wonderful people who came into my SL on this journey. I am so very lucky.

Here’s to the next year!




enVOGUE – HAIR Amelie – Light Browns

Ricielli – Medusa Dress / Rose with Harness @Cosmopolitan

ELYSIUM – Sophia knee high boots – nude @The Crossroads Event

Serendipity: tranquility… Pose Set @Pose Lover & Friends Event

.::Dead Dollz::. Who to Be? @6 Republic

The Cute One

The Dancer One

The Party One

The Posh One

The Sleepy One

The Warm One


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